Vogue Benefit is a brand new and stand-alone membership programme offered to Vogue Hotels stakeholders.
The programme is designed specifically for travel agencies and personnel. Simultaneously, Vogue Hotels B2B stakeholders and Vogue Hotels personnel can also be a member of the programme.
Vogue Hotels aims at rewarding each person or agency that actually effects the sale for a booking notified. For each booking that is actually sold, it enables saving predetermined bonus points depending on the hotel or room type. The member may spend these bonus points on any choice of rewards listed on voguebenefit.com. This enables Vogue Benefit members to have free or off-price vacations in return for bookings at the hotels of Vogue Hotels chain; alternatively they can pay for any forthcoming bookings by spending their bonus points.
Membership comes in three ways: 1. Vogue Hotels offers collective membership so that the agency-running friends involved in the portfolio enjoy the advantages instantly. Choice of use rests with the members. 2. Agencies and tour operators - that is, our stakeholders- may demand collective membership for their personnel. 3. Stakeholders that work at the agencies may click on Access Request at voguebenefit.com, and get membership after membership request form is approved by the system.
1. Sales effected under the roof of Vogue Hotels are recorded for the name of the person and/or agency that actually effects the sale by using the new booking form at voguebenefit.com. 2. Pre-defined bonus points for each type of room at each hotel are blocked for being transferred to account of the member. 3. Once booking is completed, total bonus points that have been blocked are transferred to the member's account, ready for use. 4. Member selects from the gifts or accommodation offers depending on the bonus points. 5. Selected gift or accommodation is automatically recorded on member's name and is deduced from the member's account in return for bonus points. 6. Member may monitor and follow all bookings recorded on its name, pending bookings, blocked, available or used bonus points in total by logging it with its user name and user password at voguebenefit.com.
With automatic information, voguebenefit.com members are informed about the actions and opportunities the fastest way possible. No matter what the advantages derived from intercompany agreements are for each booking, members save by paying with the bonus points per accommodation. Since the point scoring system depends on accommodation, it is not adversely affected from the actions likely to be announced by Vogue Hotels as far as gains are concerned.
Vogue Benefit system is dynamic and independent from price-oriented actions. Sales effected for the hotels or room types that bring more bonus points than announced will automatically earn more bonus points. The longer accommodation is the more Vogue Benefit is earned. Hotels with more expensive price per pax will bring more bonus points. Acquisition rate of the agencies that have not completed maximum number of bookings but have focused on upper category will be better as type of room matters for calculations.
Can I transfer my bonus points or take over those of another member? Bonus points can be transferred in part or in full only after a notice of consent received from the transferor and transferee via their e-mail registered in the system and after Vogue Benefit supervisor's direct contacts for confirmation. Why do I want to transfer Vogue Benefit point I have saved? Bonus points must be used in a year; otherwise they will be automatically null and void. Apart from this, you may want to combine your bonus points with those of another member. I quit my job at the agency. How about my bonus points? If you have direct membership, your recorded information will be updated and you may continue enjoying bonus advantages. What if the operators register my bookings on their name? Vogue Benefit system is supported with control mechanisms. In addition to this, system admins perform regular checks. Even if bookings completed by you as of your membership date are recorded on the name of an operator, each booking will be registered on your name upon your request.